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☆♫ ~I Wanna Be Where the People Are~♫ ☆

Steal my girl - 3 days to go



One Direction - Steal My Girl (3 days to go)


One Direction - Steal My Girl (Official Instrumental)


Rixton band: ‘Harry Styles is the coolest guy on this planet. A 1000 percent. You know when someone walks into a room and you just go - this kid’s got it.’
Scott Mills: ‘He literally does walk into a room and everyone stops. And it’s not just because he’s famous, he just has an aura about him.’

Scott Mills and Rixton talking about Harry Styles on Scott Mills Show, 17.10.2014, BBC Radio 1


*The Nightmare Before Christmas OST plays in the background*

Tink had an amazing time with everyone at the Small Wonders Miracle Walk this past Saturday celebrating the amazing staff of the NICU at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois and the families they have and continue to help. #tinkerbell #me #peterpan #facecharacter

Professional fangirl, Disney Princess, singer/actress, and gyaru. I have succumbed to the charms of Harry Styles. My world revolves around Disney and a band called GLAY. I used to live in Tokyo and hope to live there again some day.

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