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☆♫ ~I Wanna Be Where the People Are~♫ ☆


cuteasarockingbutton Asked:
"No kidding," I laugh slightly, tucking my still damp hair behind my ear. "Yeah!" I smile, finally relaxing back against the seat. The long shifts took their roll out on me, especially with the lack of help lately. "A drink sounds pretty good right now. I will have whatever you are having."

My answer:

I nod in understanding. “Yeah, sometimes it gets pretty hectic, but they never seem to want to take on many new people. Makes it feel like a family I suppose,” I shrug. “I’m having a gin and tonic. You sure that’s what you want?”


If they could wear jerseys all the time that would be great

You don’t believe in the Force, do you?



August 30th ‘14

Professional fangirl, Disney Princess, singer/actress, and gyaru. I have succumbed to the charms of Harry Styles. My world revolves around Disney and a band called GLAY. I used to live in Tokyo and hope to live there again some day.

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